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they got them out of a texas-sized hole. >> and a gig at a bar bucks t, singer is not 21 so he can't come inside of the bar. >> find out how the band dealt with this ingenious solution. >>> and everything changes with a blink of an eye. from the express wway, we have bus backing up here on the expressway and you can see a whole load of passengers and not going slow at all, but the bus is in the lane and not on the shoulder, and now, watch, everybody in their seats, calm, and this changes real fast. within a second, you will see people falling out of the windows of the bus and it was hit by a semi truck from behind and the bus ended up on its side. and apparently, when he backed up in the lane, he was apparently trying to back up to get on another exit. watch it from another angle. you can see now where it lapdnd, right? because people are standing up and almost on the side wall of the bus. from, you can see the aftermath of the crash. you can see the bus on the side and the semi truck on its side as well. this looks terrible, but right now, the reports are that one person wa
as well, west texas is closed between know west texas is a major thorough fair. >> it is, buzz i want to be clear it is north texas street that's closed. north texas street from dixon hill to atlantic avenue. >> gail, we saw earlier the fire went roaring right up a hillside. there were a lot of homes in the area. has the fire been stopped on that hillside, and are anymore homes threatened at this moment? >> i don't have a report from the field that anymore homes are threatened at this point. they have not said they're contained yet, though. >> in addition to the evacuation center that's been set up at fairfield high school, is the red cross or any other agencies on the scene there to assist those who have been forced from their homes? >> typically, the red cross comes out. i haven't got an call in that the red cross has made it on scene, but typically they're there within minutes of the fire scene. i will have confirmation on that within the next half hour. >> you mentioned five homes were burn. how many destroyed? looked from the pictures we saw, at least two were destroyed. >> we ha
, and they pretty good. >> the a's and texas rangers continue to slug it out, finishing a four game series tonight. it was the pefrps -- pitcher battle. casey with the bases loaded, with a one out, and the a's break the tie, but for from a finished. he singled a drive for another run. ryan cook, the relief of dan, who, the final. >>> the raiders are looking for help until all aspects of the game, that means, kick returning, addition no their more publicized needs. after 8 years, josh is in raider camp, and earring to -- eager to show he has plenty left in the tank. the raiders found out firsthand what he could do in 2007. in all, he's returned 3 punts, and 8 kickoffs for touchdowns. >> my passion, my will is so great, that it pushed doubts out of the way. it brought my imagination to life. just my will and desire alone, when your will is so strong, it far surpasses your doubt, and it stretches into your imagination. >> back to the a's they're behind one game, and the texas downed the astros. he gave op a home run in the eighth. see you tonight at 10:00. >>> see you then. >>> a woman is arrested as
're wondering how that happened. >>> check out this moment caught on dash cam from a patrol car in texas. these are officers walking up to a 17-year-old man that is straddling the edge of that overpass. he had been threatening to jump. notice the officer on the right manages to grab ahold of this kid. >> calm down, all right? >> he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. >> one of the officers being commended for this is the first officer arriving to the scene who saw what happened. he is being commented for his quick and incredibly careful actions that other authorities believe helped this man not jump. >> brave, but also risky. >>> a motorcyclist hits an suv then disappears from sight. >> you can guess where he is. y underneath the vehicle. >> how a bus driver stepped up to get the driver out. >> and bear heads to the dumpster. >> he will not pick out the snacks that taste good to him. >> see the move to g it guides you to a number that will change your life: it will give you the soundest sleep you've ever had. it's a bed so intuitive it even knows you by name. now it's easier than e
four major carriers. it is assembled in texas with parts from asia. it has 252 different color combination. >>> it was a record day object wall street. positive reports on u.s. unemployment and chinese manufacturing set the dow jones and s&p 500 to all time highs. the dow closed at 15,628. the nasdaq was up 49 and the s&p 500 closed above 1700 for the first time ever, up 21 points today. >>> new numbers reported today show automobile sales in june were up sharply compared to hast year. general motors reported sales were up 16%. chrysler and ford had 11% gains. toyota was up 16.5%. industry analysts say sale numbers are almost at prerecession levels. >>> and federal job figures for the month of july are due out tomorrow and some economists expect the unemployment rate to dip. it fell to 326,000 hast week, the lowest level since 2008 and and the unemployment rate is expected to fall from 7.6 per cent down to 7.5%. >>> new at ten, a landmark bar in the south bay is heading into its last weekend. it is set to close sunday after 36 years in business. owner tony mckenna says the buil
believe that dimaggio is headed to canada or texas in a nissan versa. >>> a registered sex offender is in custody in antioch. they arrested kevin harvey after responding to reports after a man seen waving at a gun at the somersville towne center yesterday. they were able to link harvey and the gun to the kidnapping and assault that took place the day before. harvey kidnapped a woman at gunpoint from a kmart parking lot. >>> a new billboard has popped up in san francisco with a clear anti-hate message. it reads hate has no place in our city and san francisco embraces diversity and acceptance. the bill was paid for with money raised in a crowd funding campaign, in response to some anti-muslim ads that ran earlier this year on buses. >>> a scam is going out, from people who call you in order to claim a prize in the publishers clearing house sweepstakes. here's what happened when this man got involved. >> reporter: it's a phone call that many people think they want. >> you have won $5 million from publishers clearing house. >> reporter: this oakland resident got that call yesterday. bu
. >>> george zimmerman is making headlines after being stop ford speeding in texas. >>> nowhere in particular. why do you stay? >> the officer kuking the stop in texas apparently did not recognize zimmerman even after he asked him if he knew who he was. he admitted to being armed during the stop and told to put his gun in the glove compartment. he was let off with a warning. >>> and a california commute survey found more than half of the bay area workers degreive to work alone -- drive to work alone. and it indicates that 16% used public transportation. 14% car pool and 5% ride bikes but the number of commuters driving alone has actually dropped a lot from 10 years ago. however there has been a big increase in public transportation use. >>> getting close to the 6:00 hour. let's check in on the commute. >>> i'm talking about chain stores here. the traffic is doing well. i have been looking at one thing, though, that's a look at the toll plaza area here. and on my monitor. we have not had a backup yet. and the sunol grade, traffic is good. passing mission boulevard. 5 # 0 traffic coming in from
they are riding high right now. in fact, the second place texas rangers took two out of three this week. griffith should have had a one, two, three first-inning. looks like cespedes has a beat on him. what the? cespedes just plain drops it. a's made two errors today in this first one. lets beltre comes to the play. singles to left and kinsler scores the first one of the game. it just should not have happened. little did we know it would have been enough runs for the rangers any way. and cruz with a deep pop. and the league may suspend cruz tomorrow. mitch moorland with a two run dinger. rangers defense was sharp today. a's get shut out for the ninth time this season. they're idle tomorrow. they play in cincinnati on tuesday. >> it's a concern. it's just like two pitches every game. i feel like i pitched very well all game. and pretty frustrated like we said. but you know, that's how it goes. we have a good line up. i felt like i pretty much dominated them for 6-2/3. but moorland just hit a homeland. >>> oakland bunted four times against texas pitcher garza. the a's scouting report said that garci
and texas. heat index. it looks like it will stay there if you have not noticed the hurricane season has been very quiet. atlantic is quiet. and the pat certain not con deuce tive bringing them in. and the pattern is stable. and santa rosa. that's the average high for the 5th. and livermore 89. 74 and 68. not today. 81. 6 #. 61. that's been a month since san francisco had a 70-degree temperature. and cool pattern but cooler as we get to wednesday and thursday. low off the coast about 400- miles from san francisco. and that's going to go over us. it doesn't have the moisture but it enhances that fog bank. and they will go down into midweek 567890s on the temperatures. but a strong delta breeze. and 37. out to sacramento. 86 out there. you know that's cool for them. clouds and fog. there are planty of clouds. inland. 70s and 80s. mist or drizzle. and once it burns off can crank up. that's windy. and 60s, 70s and 80s. and 68, 77 walnut creek. 65 and 85 brentwood. they will not be there too long. 75. we have 68. scott dyleski 67 and 73 palo alto. not much change. maybe cooler inland. >> 6:11
be headed to texas for canada. but at this point they just don't know and they're looking for any tips. authorities believe that he is driving a blue four-door nissan. let's go to hit the license plate number it is 6 wcu 986. if you see the plate you are asked to call 911 or authorities immediately. investigators say that he was a friend of the children's mother and they again are very concerned. reporting live. we have details about a stabbing at a hardware store. the san francisco chronicle said that a customer stabbed an employee at a store 17 times on sunday after that employee tried to call 911. the employee was trying to report that the customer had stolen spray paint and facing -- ent ping his face. the customer was making religious references. now the stabbing victim has been identified as daniel joseph stone. his attacker has been charged with murder and will be arraigned today. >>> more coverage in a transit strike. bart trains may be running but now ac transit workers threatened to go on strike. and we go to oakland to find out what the drivers are saying this morning. >> re
. they think he may be headed to texas or canada. authorities say the children's parents are divorced. dimaggio was a family friend. >>> new this morning, a massive fire has shut down kenya's main airport. that big fire gutted the international arrivals area overnight the international airport in nairobi, kenya. two people were treated for smoke inhalation but they were not seriously hurt. officials say there's no immediate evidence of terrorism but that investigation goes on. some passengers say they did hear explosions before the fire. flights are being rerouted to mao. >>> president obama waking up in southern california this morning. late other today he'll be going to visit with marines at camp pendleton but this morning he's due to take part in an online question and answer session about housing on the real estate website zillow. that half-hour online chat is moderated by zillow's c.e.o. >>> as part of his swing through southern california, president obama was on the jay leno show last night. he talked about having lunch recently with hillary clinton. >> who invited who to lunch? i'm curio
nows in texas. they officials have arrested a man who believed to have killed four people and wounded four. the gunman was arrested at a house in the suburb of desoto where four more people were found shot. the investigation is going on this morning. we'll bring you more details. >>> police are looking for whoever made a bomb threat last night targeting a movie theater. the threat name a text message. and the century theater was evacuated. the one person in the theater heard a fire alarm then the announcement to get out. >> i was trying to get out and people were trying to listen to the intercomes. but after we came out it is like chaos. >>> now the deputies with bomb sniffing dogs searched that for hours but no bomb was found. >>> and more on the child killed in an east oakland home. they are stepping up patrols and ramping up the operation to curb the violence. they believe that the baby drew jackson and his father were targeted at a home yesterday morning. they say he crept into the yard and fired through a window. >> it is unacceptable that children are shot while they sleep in t
place with a win over cleveland and a win by seattle over texas tonight. instead the worst-case scenario happened. it was yoenis cespedes bobble head night. former oakland fan-favorite swisher never got a bobble head doll, but takes this out for a solo home run on straily. a's had more greatest defensive plays. redick makes the catch and to 3rd to get stubbs. that a great double play. rediac is a gold en glove winner. a's work a run in the 6th and danielson scores redick to make it 3-1, but that was the a's first of three hits in the game and only run tonight. let's dazzle you with some more defense. carlos santana think he has a single, but to the rescue -- at least cleveland is fighting for a playoff spot themselves. indians win 7-1 and oakland trails texas by a game and a half. that is because king felix and the seattle marinerses got sent to cellblock tonight.
set up as an evacuation center for those forced from their homes. north texas street has also been shut down. the fire needless to say, caed a significant traffic backup along interstate 80. thick, dark shark could be seen for miles as firefighters battle to get the fire under control. fairfield fire crews along with firefighters from solano, contra costa and cal fire are all on the scene. so far there is no word of anyone hurt as a result of the fire. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin has been monitoring weather conditions there. bill, has the wind changed. >> reporter: interestingly enough, we mentioned the winds were about 15 miles an hour. the winds would pick up. in fact, yeah, you're watching tape. this is what it looked like earlier. the winds in the fire area have increased to almost 20 miles an hour. this is what you would expect for this time of night. when the fire started it was 90 degrees out there. there is a live picture. you can see obviously they have the flames down. trees aren't blowing that much, but the temperatures have dropped. it was 90. now they are 83
zimmerman is making headlines after being stopped for speeding in texas. >> nowhere in particular. why do you say that. >> the officer conducting the traáfbg stop apparently did not recognize him even after zimmerman asked him if he knew who he was. he admitted to being armed during the stop and was told to put his gun in the glove compartment. he was let off with a warning. >>> the food and drug administration issued two recalls, the first is for a glucose test strips used by diabetes patients to measure blood sugar levels. the food and drug administration said that the strips can give inaccurate blood sugar readings. now the strips are sold under the brand names nova max and meter kits. you can check with your pharmacist or doctor or the company web site to get the number of the affected strips. >>> the food and drug administration is recalling 5 0000 pounds of ground beef that may be contaminated by e. coli. it was produced by company out of kansas and sold in 60-pound cases to retailers and wholesalers and the names are not being released. we have the codes for the cases on our web s
shot 3 under 69 today. she is three back of the leader. a's off today. texas comes to oakland tomorrow. that is a big series. >> that is going to be a good one. >> thank you. >>> tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news time is ticking away and a possibility of a bart strike is getting closer. if they don't reach a deal by sunday at midnight we could face another strike. >> we are with bart workers and their supporters as they march to headquarters with their message. you can see they are going down franklin street. they will probably turn up 20 20th where headquarters is located. following that we believe they will march back to frank ogawa plaza. more on this coming up tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news and the latests on the talks to reach a new deal. we are always here for you on and mobile ktvu. thank you so much for joining us. have a great night everyone. >> good night. we want to open a new account: checking and savings. well we can help with that. we tend to do a lot of banking online. you play? yeah discover a mobile app that lets you bank more freely... and feel at home more
citywoman who finds herself broke and heads to texas to live with her sister. many parts of the movie was shot in the bay area last august. so far many movie critics have raved about the film. >>> coming up at 5:00, we'll have team coverage on the b.a.r.t. strike. ♪ [ hero mom ] oh, yeah. we're gettin' cereal. 'cause over 40 general mills cereals are 130 calories or less per serving. just look for the g. boom! that's how nutrition is done, people. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.® than stage fright. a native american who determines to succeed when his life is in ruins. a roller figure skater who keeps on giving despite financial crisis. it's celebrities who let you know what it takes to win in life. jessica rivera, naomi lang, and apolo ohno. this is how to overcome. >> ♪ as long as it's all right i know there's a way ♪ >> i'm apolo anton ohno. see how you can overcome when life gets tough. >> hi. i'm lisa leslie. fin
. they're believed to have been traveling through canada or texas. he was last seen driving a blue four door nissan vers with a california plate. >>> we have an update from yesterday morning when the big rig caught fire. caltran inspected the bridge and said there's no damage. it happened about 3:45 yesterday morning. they closed two lanes of traffic and it took 12 hours before they were back over. the driver said a tire blew out and somehow the truck caught fire. still not clear what caused the fire. >>> today marks one year of the chevron explosion that sent people to the hospital. yesterday chevron agreed to pay a 2 million-dollar fine and agreed to inspect 100 percent of their piping. >> following new developments of the threat of al-qaeda. the department says all u.s. citizens in yemin should leaf immediately because of an extremely high security threat level. u.s. intelligence officials says the shut down of embassies in the middle east and africa was triggered by al-qaeda. reportedly the communication between the two men indicated they wanted to quote do something big before the
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texas and a few isolated showers tomorrow. today, it's the low overcast. by friday, it moves north and temperatures will start to recover. a lot of 50s and 60s. you can see a lot of the cloud cover and a few showers northeast california and northern california, tomorrow would be the day it moves. drizzle, breezy, it will be sunny but breezy to windy. temperatures are cool. you know when clearlake is 82 and vacaville is 82 that tells you it's a cool pattern. vallejo, benicia, crockett. my friend jenny just wrote me and said, you know, it's getting dark earlier. ive noticed. novato, 72. kentfield, 70. brentwood 80. castro valley, 68. berkeley, alameda, 64. 70s in the santa clara valley. i went with a soft 70 in santa cruz. a lot of 50s, 60s. menlo park, 73. partly cloudy. mostly cloudy thursday then it does a little better going into the weekend. >>> 7:09. people are waking up with dreams of winning a big lotly jackpot. tonight's -- lottery jackpot. tonight's jackpot, $425 million. ktvu's janine de la vega is joining us live in san jose where people are hoping to get lucky. >> report
lee dimaggio may be on his way to canada or texas with hannah anderson and possibly her brother ethan anderson. the mother's body was found with an unidentified child. family believe that is ethan anderson but authorities say they are still looking for two children. >> there is a possibility that the child's remains that were found in the burned out home is that of ethan anderson. but we don't know. we haven't been able to make a positive i'd at this point. >> family and friends held a vigil for the missing children. james lee dimaggio was a family friend but cheesepressessed concerns about -- she expressed concerns about his behavior. he is driving 2013 blue nissan versa 4-door car, california license plate number 6wcu986. >>> ariel castro's prison in cleveland, ohio is now a pile of rubble. crews tore the home down today with help of michelle knight and her mom. she was locked in that home with two others. she released yellow balloons in homes of other missing children. prosecutors said ariel castro cried when he signed over the papers for the demolition. >>> former child psychiatri
in the america league west today if texas loses to seattle and if oakland can beat cleveland. that's at 10:00. the giants scored in double figures yesterday in miami. it seemed headed for double figures again. they jump on marlins for 4. the big triple brings in a pair. they haven't scored since and now lead 4-2 in the 7th inning. matt cain going for his win. >>> mlb suspends miguel tejeda 105 games after testing positive for meal. he reportedly had adderall system. he claims he they a spish in -- he claims he had a prescription for it. the former american league mvp was already on the 60-day disabled list. >>> there was a rough day on the water today. both boats suffered heavy damage. winds must be under the 22-mile- an-hour mark to start the race. it was border line all day. the italian's boat was already damaged. this is new zealand. their catamaran was flying at 72 miles an hour. two crew members spill in the bay. luckily, they fell in without getting smashed by the hull. now, new ze land wins the first -- new zealand wins the first race. the first team is win seven victories plays aga
missionary in dallas, texas. they rolled up on this street ball game. air balls. >> but they were schooling these guys. a little bit of a hustle. here's how they actually play. >> boom! >> see that? >> is it appropriate to hustle when you are on your mission? you are hustling for jesus, baby. >> i'm sure they didn't bet any money. >> i don't think there was any money involved. >> what? >> these guys are like in dress shoes he dunked on us. >> that's not the only awesome play. watch this. big denial. swatting that out. ooh. >> they are good. >> yep. >> oh! >> they're in dress shoes? >> dress shoes. their ties tucked in. these are two mormon missionaries traveling around on their bicycles, of course. >> i love how much these guys love it. >> according to the uploader, he says the best part of the story is that one of the guy's daughters ended up getting baptized. the converted to mormons. their mission of dunking worked. apparently one of these guys is on the state championship basketball team and also has a 40-inch vertical jump. >>> that's going to do it for us here at "rtm." we'll see you
. >> observe here, guys. >> that is a truck spinning out of control in san antonio, texas. we got this video from our friends at ksat. according to witnesses he not only hit the sign post, he rammed that truck across the street inside of a blockbuster individuvideo causing thousands dollars worth of damage. >> i turn around to see what happened and i see the truck is just inside of the store. >> and according to eyewitnesses, before cameras started rolling on this incident this guy hit several other guys. >> came out this way, sped out, smashed through like two cars like a bull dozer. >> did he have a stuck gas pedal? what was going on here? >> according to police this driver was under the influence of prescription narcotic pills. when they came to the scene, after onlookers called 911, they found inside his car -- >> never let his foot off the gas. >> i thought i was going to die the driver of the truck the only person injured in the incident. taken to the hospital with a broken collarbone. and police have charged this man with dwi. >> he's trying to -- >> what's scary if you're one of peop
. we got this individuvideo from, and a guy named burt cruz originally from texas visited a small town in northern california and decided this is where i want to live. and luckily, bank of america was selling a 19th century bank building and he put a offer on it, and if you want to live somewhere why not a bank. >> well, not a bank. >> well, it is a bank building and old 19th century bank building in downtown in this small town and he had to do something so people would n walk into his house, and he rranged the letters so th it says not a bank. and now inside of the bank home, shall we? e he kept the original structure, and the original wall where the tellers would have been, but he turned the public bathroom in the bank into his kitchen. he uses upstairs as the bedroom, but what does he do with the vault? >> you probably have something called a garage that you put everything in. all of your bicycles and junk. okay. i have a vault. or as we call it the black hole. >> you have to have somewhere to put the junk, so he uses it as the giant storage closet. >> kind of not that
, touchdown! >> touchdown texas. rock and roll. ♪ >> takes it uh to the end zone. touchdown. are you kidding me?
are getting airborne off their unicycle which is pretty impressive. it goes down in san marcos, texas. what i like about it, some of the names of the teams, the narwalls hell on wheels, rolling blackouts and the unipsychos. field goal, watch this. kicking a ball up the unicycle. pretty cool stuff. >>> to all the teenagers out there that have to mow the family lawn, i'm about to change your life. watch this brilliant little life hack. the guy puts a post in the middle of the lawn. ties the rope on the post, ties the other end of the rope to the self propelled push behind lawn mow mower. it's going to go around and go around and the rope will get shorter until it reaches the post. fires it up, puts the lawn mower in gear. ties a rope around the handle. takes it off the rock an look at how brilliantly this works. you can kickback and drink yourself a root beer now. >> this would be perfect if you had a round lawn. >> you dstill have to do a litte bit of mowing though. >> in fact, some of the commenters are saying you need a bigger, thicker post in the middle because it's overlapping too much. >>
and tie. this video uploaded by jarrett allen says his cousin cole is a missionary in dallas, texas. rolled up on this street ball game. bonk. air ball. >> air balls. >> they were schoolings this guys. a little bit of a hustle. here's how they actually play. >> boom. >> good question. is it appropriate to hustle when you're on your mission? you're hustling for jesus, baby. >> i don't think there was any money involved. >> what? >> these guys are like, in dress shoes. that's not the only awesome play. watch this. big denial, swatting it out. they're good. >> yeah. >> oh. >> dress shoes? >> dress shoes. got their ties tucked into their white shirts. these are two mormon missiona missionaries traveling around. >> i love how much these guys love it. >> according to the uploader he says the best part of this story is that one of the guy's daughters ended up getting baptized. they converted to mormon. mission of dunking worked. apparently one is on the championship basketball team and has a 40-inch vertical dunk. >>> for the most part when we see a fireworks display, it's from the ground
of soldiers at the texas based, killing 13. the obama administration has classified the crime as a workplace shooting in order that hassan have full rights as a defendant. those injuries are angry because the classification means they are not eligible for purple hearts. >> the mother of bradley manning had a message for her son, "never give up hope." he is facing as long as 136 years in prison for disclosing secret u.s. documents. 59-year-old susan manning from wales is divorced from manning's father. she told the daley mail that she considers her son her superman and said one day he would be free. >> >> international business times said it is buying "news week" from the aaic interactive corporation. fews week last publicked in 2012 and has since become part of the daily beast website >> fans of jerry garcia gathered in san francisco to remember the man who helped to create the grateful dead. 11th annual jerry day concert brought musicians together with memories. garcia lived in the excelsior neighborhood as a fan describes what drew him to the event. >> garcia died in 1995. his estate helpe
evaporate. now tied with texas. bartolo colon with a performance that was not enhanced by this. jay bruce. just a colossal blast. his 24th. 4-1 reds in cincy. now 5-1. the catcher for the a's tries to cash in a pair. bruce, again. this time with some beautiful defense, 5-2. now down 6-3 in the 6th. eric sogard with a shot into the corner in right field. two runs will score against homer bailey. donaldson, and moss. but 6-5. that is as close as the a's were to get in this one. swept by the reds. the rangers are in the passing lane. although 1-0 rangers, mike trout on his 22nd birthday, his 20th homer. texas, however blows out candles soon after. adrian beltre, a two run shot. they're in the 9th inning. rangers well in command, 10-3. if they hang on and win, they'll be in a tie for first place. >>> the giants continue to take a dive in the west. sports part 2, next. it guides you to a number that will change your life: your sleep number setting. it even knows you by name. now it's easier than ever to experience deep, restful sleep with the sleep number bed's dualair technology. at the touch
it's been for rosales. waived by the athletics, claimed by texas. but never played an inning for texas. now the a's reclaim the slugger. >>> and final major tournament the pga championship. 99 of the top 100 golfers including tiger is at oak hill country club. wood started in the back nine. 2-1 to par after nine. burr on this final hole of the day the ninth. tiger hit the beach. he had a tough time getting out. not a happy guy as he finishes with a double bogey. shot a one over 71. both tiger and phil mickelson are six shots off the lead. aging veteran ties on the lead on the seventh hole of his day. adam scott are tied at five under 65. but there's three more round to go. that is sports as we see it. giants win, a's are idle. beat the 49ers back ups 10 to six. >> raiders and matt flint. >> absolutely. it'll be on our station. >> thanks mark. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. before we go a live look at the police command center. thousands are conducting a search for sandra coke. she's the woman missing from oakland. >> we will stay on top of developments. we
on a shooting rampage in fort hood texas. mayor hasan later said he carried out his attack as part of jihad. he had no emotion today as his verdict was read. >>> meantime army staff sergeant robert bayles was spared the death sentence today. the 40-year-old pled guilty to slaughters 15 afghan citizens. prosecutors say bales was frustrated after four deployments to iraq and afghanistan and just snapped. >>> an 18 -month-old infant was one of 30 people killed in a prison riot. the fight happened between rival gangs at a prison in bolivia where young children are allowed to live with their parents. witnesses say inmates used propane gas tanks as flame throwers. at least 60 people were injured many of them suffered severe burnless. the fight started after one gang refused to pay another. >>> they blamed government forces, president obama called it a big event of grave concerns and said he has shortened the time frame. the pentagon is moving naval forces closer to syria in case the president calls for a move. >>> and nasdaq picked up 19 today. microsoft ceo steve balmer says he will retire during t
headlines again after being stopped for speeding in texas. >> nowhere in particular? why do you say that? [inaudible] >> that police officer in texas apparently did not recognize zimmerman even after zimmerman asked him if he knew who he was. zimmerman also admitted he had a gun in the car with him. he was told to put the gun away in the glove compartment. zimmerman was allowed to drive away with just a warning. >>> back here at home, a california commute survey has found more than half of bay area workers drive to work alone. stated statewide, a poll of more than 2,000 adults indicates 16% use public transit. 14%, carpool to work. 5% ride bikes. overall, the number of commuters driving solo has gone down a lot from ten years ago. there's been a sizable increase for people using public transit. >> that's good news. there's still a lot of solo drivers out there and people on the road. let's check in with sal. 280 in san jose? >> yes, slow, 280 northbound driving up to the silicon valley. the traffic will be busy. it's slow on 101 at 85 as well. it's improving a little bit. northbound 17 a
. actually, texas, oklahoma, it's really hot. for us it's cool for early august. i don't see much change. it will be getting a little bit warmer. 7, 10, 15-day outlook, keeps us near average. there is drizzle near the coast. some areases are in the 60s, 70s and 80s. when clearlake is coming in like that, that tells you everyone else will be cool. pleasanton, 79. 80 morganhill. 76, san jose. santa clara, 75. and 50, 60s on the coast. 60s south san francisco. parts of the peninsula, only low 70s. not much of a change until wednesday. temperatures will climb slowly as we go into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. >>> the new decision about the credible terror threat that's closed 19 embassies in the muslim world. >>> plus -- what san francisco police are askings public to do -- asking the public to do as they respond to the threat. >>> and a man who deliberately crashed his car into a crowd at venice beach. what he's seen doing moments before the crash. blasm >>> good morning. we do have a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza because of a problem in san francisco just after you get off th
, identified as 40- year-old james lee dimaggio. police say he could be heading towards canada or texas. dimaggio believed to be driving a blue 2013 four-door nissan versa. here is ea photo of the car similar to the suspect's car. it's the same picture that police in southern california are showing to the public. the car has a california license plate, the number is 6 wcu 986. if you see that car, call the police immediately. >>> 7:06. a 13-year-old sunnyvale boy is in juvenile hall accused of exposing himself to a woman jogging on the stevens creek trail in mountain view. the runner noticed the boy riding his bike. he rode ahead of her, stopped near the exit and tried to block her path while exposing himself. she threatened to take his picture and called the police. police found the boy at wism park and arrested him for indecent exposure. >>> state lawmakers in california will discuss the potential use of drones. the committee is holding the hearing on domestic drones. some law enforcement agencies across the country are using the pilotless aircraft for surveillance. but opponents are conc
is sent home with a run. they win the final 4-1. the oakland rays see the texas rangers cut to 2.5 after another loss last night. a's jumped tout to a 2-0 lead. that wouldn't last long. they take tommy malone deep to left. a 2-run homer for him. they go on to win and you can watch today's texas and a's game. the coverage begins at 12:30. >> more detailon the stomach bug, the outbreak has been now linked to. >> no problems right here over on the 101 northbound near milk key, we have a lock with a big rig. blays there's a collision that led to an overturned vehicle. keep an eye out on those programs if you're headed out to the roadway. it's 8:41. on mornings at 2. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over
at the coliseum, they frustrated texas rangers pitcher matt garza bumps and bomb. al west falls to 2 1/2 games. cocoa, finishes with two bunts for garza. next batter, lowry. look at cocoa race home like at that he's late for supper. he's not bunting much he's bashing. 17th homer of the year. pitcher, started. kinsler looks to pitch for a solo shot. parker gives up two runs and earns first win since june 18th. the book on the pitcher, can't handle it well. of course, the insurance run. guys doesn't like the baseball and let's him know it. time for the right field fans to rage. and dropping the profile to his knees much and that's the 29th save. leads the rangers by 3 1/2 in the west we know we put together nine complete innings. it will take more than that to come out and set the tone and score some runs an be up beat. i think that's a big thing for us right now. >> the season, the only thing worst than the giants offense is the lack of fundamentals. it cost them again today in st. petersburg. it's not just the players having issues catching the ball. this giants fan tried to make a play and he
they think he may be headed to canada or texas. now he is believed to be driving a blue four door nissan with a california plate of 6 wcu 986. if you spot him. you are asked to call 911 or the chp immediately. >>> we have a update to that breaking news story we told you about when the rig caught fire off the bay bridge. cal trans has ininspected the bridge and there is no damage. it was near san francisco at 3:45 yesterday morning. we had that incredible video and it closed two lanes and 12 hours before they were open. the driver said they were on the way to san francisco when his tire blew out and it caught fire. it is unclear of the cause. >> chevron will pay a $2 million fine in connection with a fire. it was a year ago that the pipes started a fire that sent thousands to the hospital. yesterday chevron pled no contest to six criminal charges in addition to the fines it received 3 and a half years probation. nancy skinner called for stricter regulations. >>> and airports say all flights are back on schedule after the outage of a flight reservation system. the sabre system went off lin
be driving a blue four door nissan. he may be headed to. > texas or canada. the parents are divorced and he was a family friend. >>> pam, the amber alert for the children took a lot of people by surprise. they didn't realize that new phones come equipped to receive the alerts. it is the first time it was sent out statewide. you have to opt-out if you don't want the alerts but the chp hopes that the technology will make a difference and the searchs for the missing children. >>> i think that it is for the greater good. looking out for the children and everything like that. i think it should go out for every child that's missing. >> they have helped police. an 11 month old girl was found after an alert was issued in march. >>> and 6:26 is the time now. let's check in with sal, how is the commute? >> it is okay. it is being affected by drizzle and traffic is moving along relatively well up to 17. and no problems reported on the mountains and the valley. 680 southbound is good as you drive through. and driving to the south bay. >>> travis and fairfield this is a big fog bank and even cooler a lo
of vandal texas happen. they were commenting on how sad it was. we hope to talk to the -- for the vandalism to happen. they were commenting on how sad it was. >>> investigating a small house fire. it started after 4:00 here the house on north idaho streets. the fire appears to have started near an electrical box. firefighters put it out quickly, no one was hurt. >>> 5:35 is the time. let's go to sal for a look at the commute. what are you looking at. chp is arriving no one is injured but the lane is partially clocked. 101. let's go to the live pictures and show you 880 north. this is moving along well. and traffic is looking good southbound as well heading to 92 and hayward area. looking at speaking of hayward. and traffic and the peninsula. it looks good on the san mateo bridge. he had been looking at the commute on 880 farther south to union city. that looks very good. 5:36. >>> plenty going on be sides having the temperatures well below average temperatures. these are the normal temperatures. 82. the forecasted high 77, 75, 74. you know down the road we have to warm up. it will be a grad
texas in the a.l. west, pending the rangers game tonight in houston. >>> the giants playing to regain some of the pride of defending world champion series should possess. hunter pence at the plate, with the bases loaded. loaded no more, scoring two, as the giants complete a three-run inning that gives them a 3-1 lead. say that until the eighth. orioles chris davis has been a power revelation this year. he added to his total off casilla, a tape measure drive, number 42 on the year for davis. and it's 3-2. the orioles put runners at first and second with one out, but casilla struck out ryan flaherty and matt weeders to end the inning. romo pitched the ninth for his 28th save. giants hang on for a 3-2 win. >>> well, the final major golf tournament of the year will not be won by anyone named woods or mickelson. who will win the pga is still very much up for grabs. jason dufner had followers today, and the lead when play began after a course record 63 yesterday. dufner today led at one point by three strokes, but needed this birdie at 10 to hold back into a tie for the lead. dufner shot a
to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. the oakland a's and texas rangers going blow for blow at top of the american league west and tonight the rangers have jumped ahead by a game, that due in part by what the a's did tonight in toronto. gray getting a big hello from the j's bautista. just a half of inning, it was all tied josh reddick had three home runs last night and hit this shot off burley, adding to his total with 2-2. bottom of the 2nd, jays go deep again and josi reyes finds the right field seats. they were down 5-3 in the 9th when redick hits another shot that hugs the right field line, five homers in five days, an athletic feat only achieved by mark mcgwire. toronto with the 5-4 win. these days it's about praying for pride for the giants. they have a little less than two months to at least show a semblance of the a.m. that wop last year's world series. baltimore orioles scratch one out against chad gaudin and the giants batted in theth, marco scutaro with a single off chin. that stores torres. crooked number inning, not a giant's strong suit this year, but they managed to
during a traffic stop in texas today. he was stop for speeding and informed the officer he had a gun in the glove compartment. since his acquittal he can once again carry a gun but it is not the same gun that killed trayvon martin. george zimmerman still faces a civil rights case. the officer didn't give him a ticket. >>> college students and parents could be getting a break when it comes to intrust rates on loans. legislation is headed to president obama for his signature. payments would be less expensive under the bill. >>> this fall california state university students will be able to take online classes from any campus. the plan offers 30 courses. they will be limited to one course per term that is offered by another campus. >>> our weather now. our chief meteorologist bill martin is here. more of the same today. >> more of the same. on the cool side. fog everywhere. change comes tomorrow and it gets cooler. tomorrow, thursday should be the coolest day of the week. there is something going on here. fog cleared away. plenty of clouds and now we are getting a break. the fog has bee
is back in the news, after being pulled over for speeding in texas, with a gun in the glove compartment of his car. these are photos from the officer's dash cam video. the officer pulled zimmerman over last sunday. zimmerman told the officer that he was armed. the officer let zimmerman off with a warning and told him to slow down. >>> the u.s. added 200,000 jobs in july. the service sector saw the most new jobs. 177,000. jobs producing goods amounted to 22,000 new jobs. manufacture payroll fell by 5,000. the feds said it will keep buying $85,000 a month in bonds to keep long term interest rates low. currently the unemployment is 7.6%. that news had mixed effects on the markets today. the dow jones industrial average finished the day 25 points lower. nasdaq gained 9. >>> turnout was high, and orderly in zimbabwe's election. the two men have participated in an uneasy coalition government that was formed after more than 200 people died during the violence that followed the last disputed presidential election. >>> rio de janeiro, veiled mannequins lined the beach. a symbol of the 35,000 peo
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